The School

Structure and Environment


Our space has been specially created to promote the autonomy of children in a happy, safe and stimulating environment. With an area of 700 m² and very well located, it has all the necessary infrastructure for meeting children from 0 to 6 years old who want to play, explore and, above all, have fun to learn. In view of the great importance of physical space, we offer a place of learning that invites to a world of imagination and play, the main means by which children learn at this age.

Our facilities include a large recreation area and several spaces prepared for specific activities, all with sound and visual identification in English, since it is a bilingual educational institution. Our school basically consists of:


  • Extensive green area that allows outdoor play and contact with nature
  • Playground
  • Pool with fence, gate and padlock. Restricted access.
  • Outdoor leisure area covered with various toys available to children.
  • Rooms designed according to the age group, containing tables and chairs for children, touch screen computers, TV 32 and DVD player, as well as educational material (books, DVDs and educational toys).
  • Nursery with custom cabinets to store personal belongings, appropriate toys and floor completely covered with E.V.A boards.
  • Exclusive and adapted bathrooms for the different ages, with infantile toilet, exchanger and place for bath.
  • Planned dining with tables, children's benches and high chairs. Space also used for cooking classes.
  • Fully modulated kitchen. Restricted access.
  • School monitored with security cameras, alarm and electric fence.
Estrutura - Escola de Educação Infantil Bi-bilíngue
Estrutura - Escola de Educação Infantil Bi-bilíngue

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday, in the following periods: morning, afternoon and full time.


Bi-Bilíngue Team


Aline Penha Guglielmo



A pioneer in the idea of opening a bilingual children's school in Americana, she has worked with language teaching since 1999. Despite her education in the area of Health Sciences, she has been professionally dedicated to the English language for all these years and has perfected her knowledge in Los Angeles, United States, where she lived and studied (Santa Monica College). Unconditional advocate of early English teaching, she is having a dream when she sees Bi-Bilíngue in full operation and showing, every day, increasingly positive results.


Mario Guglielmo

English Coordinator


A Language Teacher since 1993, when he graduated in Linguistics from Harvard, he is also a postgraduate student in the field at Boston University. In addition, he studied acting and Mandarin at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles. With a vast experience and professional experience of twelve years abroad, currently coordinates the team of teachers of Bi-Bilíngue English teaching, in addition to teaching this language in private courses and attend companies such as Romi, 3M, Goodyear, Honda, Caterpillar, KS Pistões, Ripasa, Bosh, among others.


Ana Paula S. Bonaccini

Pedagogical Coordinator and Full Professor


Graduated in Pedagogy from PUC-Campinas in 2002, she has experience teaching in private, municipal and state schools. He has already taught in Elementary School I and taught a course for adults at SENAC de Americana in 2011, but has been dedicated to Early Childhood Education since graduation. Participated in many lectures and workshops in the area of training, including course and internship in the "Pedagogy of Frenet" (2007). Completed the Ethics in Schools course in 2015. At Bi-Bilíngue, she is a full professor and responsible for the implementation and execution of school activities.